Dr. rer. nat. Juliane Mathey


Senior Researcher

Phone +49 351 4679 231

Research Interests

  • Urban ecology and ecosystem dynamics
  • urban regeneration and ecological brownfield development
  • urban biodiversity and green infrastructure
  • green space development in urban areas for adaptation to climate change
  • basic research on urban green space and landscape planning
  • Integration of nature and species protection needs into urban planning

Professional Experience

Research and teaching at Universität Bonn, 1985-1992
Free-lance worker at a consulting firm, in 1991
Research Associate at IOER, since 1992
Teaching at Technische Universität Dresden, since 1994

Academic Training

Studies, Diploma in Biology and Doctoral Degree in natural science at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn


  • SALUTE4CE - Integrated environmental management of SmAL Green Spots in FUncTional Urban ArEas
  • Urban NBS - Urban Green Structures for Biodiversity – Integrated Strategies and Measures towards the Protection and Fostering of Biodiversity in Cities (Joint funding by BMBF and BMUB / BfN)
  • ESS Urban Habitat Types – Integration of the ESS approach (Ecosystem Services approach) into the concept of urban habitat typing – state of the art and further analysis
  • Microbiotopes – Scientific Study Accompanying the Project "Microbiotopes – Habitats for Wild Animals and Plants in the Socially Integrative City District Dresden-Prohlis/Residential Area Am Koitschgraben"
  • Green City Lab Dresden – Compact City in the Ecological Network
  • B-Team – Brownfield Policy Improvement Task Force
  • Urban Green Space/Climate Change – Even warmer, even drier? Urban green space and structures of open space under climate change
  • The Potentials of Brownfields – Instruments to exploit the potential of brownfields for nature protection and the development of green spaces in urban areas