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Photo: Prof. Korzhenevych

Univ.-Prof. Dr. sc. pol. Artem Korzhenevych

Head of Research Area
Economic Aspects of Ecological Urban and Regional Development

Tel. +493514679217

Professorship in Environmental, Urban and Regional Economics at the TU Dresden

Research Interests

Regional Economics, Transport Economics, Environmental Economics, CGE Modeling

Academic Training

2004-2010 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (CAU), Promotion, Dr. sc. pol.

2002-2004 University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kyiv, Ukraine, Master degree

1998-2002 Mykolayiv Branch of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Mykolayiv, Ukraine, Bachelor degree

Professional Experience

since 2014 IÖR Dresden, Head of Department Strategic Issues and Perspectives

2011-2014 DIW econ GbmH Berlin, Economic Consulting

2010-2011 Kiel Institute for the World Economy Kiel, Post-doc Researcher

2005-2011 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Research and Teaching Assistant

Articles in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies

  • Proost, S., Dunkerley, F., van der Loo, S., Adler, N., Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A. (2014), "Do the selected Trans-European transport investments pass the cost-benefit test?", Transportation 41 (1), 107-132, Springer.
  • Waichman, I., Requate, T., Korzhenevych, A. (2013) "Equal split in the informal market for group train travel", Economics Letters 118 (2), 327-329, Elsevier.
  • Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A. (2013)  "Forward looking dynamics in spatial CGE modelling", Economic Modelling 31, 389-400.
  • Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A., Riekhof, M. (2011), "Predicting freight flows in a globalising world", Research in Transportation Economics 31, 37-44.
  • Bröcker, J., Korzhenevych, A., and Schürmann, C. (2010), "Assessing spatial equity and efficiency impacts of transport infrastructure projects", Transportation Research Part B 44, 795-811.
  • Korzhenevych, A. and Bröcker,  J. (2009), "Regional unemployment and welfare effects of the EU transport policies: Recent results from an applied general equilibrium model", Chapter 11 in Andersson, A.E., Cheshire, P., Karlsson, C., and Stough, R. (eds) New Directions in Regional Economic Development, Springer, pp. 177-197.

Other publications

  • Korzhenevych A., Dehnen N., Bröcker J., Holtkamp M., Meier H., Gibson G., Varma A. and Cox V. (2014), "Update of the Handbook on External Costs of Transport", Final Report for the European Commission - DG MOVE. (PDF)
  • Korzhenevych, A. (2012), "TRANS-TOOLS – an integrated support tool for European transport policy", Informationen zur Raumentwicklung 7/8.2012, pp. 349-356.
  • Korzhenevych, A.  (2011) "Current state of international climate talks", in Trofimenko, N. (ed.) Climate Change: Current Issues, E-Book, Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
  • Herrmann, H., Korzhenevych, A., Bröcker, J. (2011), "A labour market across national borders - barriers and opportunities", Chapter 5 in Matthiessen, C.W. and Worm M. (Eds) The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link: Regional development perspectives, Syddansk Universitetsforlag, Copenhagen.
  • Korzhenevych, A., Bröcker, J., Herrmann, H. (2011), "Cross-border mobility: commuting scenarios for 2020", Chapter 6 in Matthiessen, C.W. and Worm M. (Eds) The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link: Regional development perspectives, Syddansk Universitetsforlag, Copenhagen.
  • Fröhlich, T. et al. (2011) "Schwerpunkte in der Zusammenarbeit mit Afrika 2012-2020", Themenpapier der DKK-Arbeitsgruppe Klimaforschung Afrika, Deutsches Klima Konsortium.