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Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Deilmann

Head of Research Area Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Tel. +493514679251

Research Interests

Material flow analyses of buildings, infrastructure and urban structural analyses; "Translation" of demographic trends into housing demand and development scenariosfor cities till 2060;Research on resilience and efficiency of built environment; Barriers, obstacles, instruments towards sustainable design and construction.

Professional Experience

1981-1984: Architect (Medellin, Colombia, housing and urban development projects)
1984-1992: freelanced Architect ("eco-architecture")
1992-2009: Head of Department Housing and sustainable Construction (IOER)
since 2009: Head of Research Area "Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures" (IOER)
since 2010: Honorar-Professor at HTW Dresden "Ecological design and construction"

Academic Training

1979: RWTH Aachen: Diplom (Architect)
1980: A. A. School of Architecture London: Post-graduate Diplom 1980