Partnerships and Networks

The IOER cooperates closely with numerous partners in the field of spatial research and related disciplines, both in Germany and elsewhere, and is a member of many networks. The institute's aims are to increase the fund of scientific knowledge, to allow comparative research, to exchange expertise and research results and thereby exploit synergies.

National Level

  • IOER is a participant in the DRESDEN-concept and the German Excellence Initiative.
  • Leading strategic partners of the IOER are the various institutes of the Leibniz Association involved in spatial research (5R-Netzwerk).
  • In addition to partners directly involved in spatial research, the IOER also collaborates closely with other Leibniz Institutes ... read on
  • Cooperation with governmental agencies and research institutes in the fields of spatial development and environmental development, with municipalities and with various experts ... read on

European and international level

  • Together with other European research institutes the IOER is active in shaping scientific research within Europe ... read on
  • The current partnerships with research institutes in the Far East and South-East Asia as well as in the Americas ... read on

Membership of Networks and Initiatives

The IOER is an active member in various national and international networks, including:

  • Spatial Research Network of the Leibniz Association (5R-Netzwerk)
  • Network of Spatial Research and Planning Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe (
  • Regional Studies Association (RSA)
  • European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC)

  • Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)

  • European Network for Housing Research (ENHR)

  • European Urban Research Association (EURA)
  • International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE), AG "Landschaftsstruktur"
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