The IOER has Set itself Environmental Guidelines and Acts Accordingly

Researchers and staff at the IOER are committed to an environmentally friendly approach in their scientific and advisory activities.

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This commitment has been honoured by the award of the Ecoprofit Seal by the Saxony Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the admission of the IOER to the Saxon Environmental Alliance. Ecoprofit is an environmental management project that encourages and guides small and medium-sized business and institutions in the introduction of corporate environmental management. It helps improve the environmental situation in the region, enhance the competitiveness of local businesses, and develop local networks. The IOER has monitored two pilot projects and participates itself in Ecoprofit.

Passive Building Standards and Video Conferences a Matter of Course

From a constructional point of view, the IOER offers optimum conditions for environmentally friendly work. The IOER premises from GDR times have undergone step-by-step energy-efficient refurbishment. The new extension has been built to high environmental standards. Since the extension provides more space, external units have been closed and workplaces reintegrated into the Institute. This makes for shorter distances. Business travel has an adverse impact on the environment. For this reason, greater use is made of telephone and video conferences. Public transport is the preferred mode of travel.

Recycled Paper: A Change Well Worth It.

For an ecologically oriented research facility there can be no question about what many studies confirm: "recycled paper saves forests, water, and energy." Dingy, unusable, bad for one's image: the prejudices against recycled paper  are a thing of the past. Modern recycled paper is perfectly suitable for everyday office use

Conversion was therefore a matter of course. We have opted for recycled paper brightness 90 white. All office equipment, printing and photocopy paper has been converted step by step. In the case of products produced externally for us in printing works, the paper bears the Blue Angel label. Our newsletter, IOER Info, has traditionally been printed on 100% recycled paper. We have naturally also tested the suitability of recycled paper for colour printing, for example for maps and graphic work, and have achieved positive results throughout. Conversion to recycled paper does not bring any loss in quality.

Switching Off

The biggest power consumer at the IOER is the server technology with an estimated share of 32 per cent. The figure rises to almost two-thirds of total power consumption if air-conditioning in the server room and staff PCs are added. The remaining third covers the running of the institute: kitchen appliances, refrigerators and freezers, as well as lighting in public areas and offices, night lighting and hot water. The essential criterion in deciding what product to buy is how environmentally sound it is. In the case of servers, PCs and monitors, energy efficiency is decisive.

Saving in the Workplace

A few simple tricks make it possible: for example, monitors switch themselves off automatically after 15 minutes. At the end of the day, a special switch disconnects the power supply. New energy-efficient technology, which the IOER has consistently installed, plays its part. Refuse is avoided as much as possible. What cannot be avoided is sorted before disposal.


Carsten Hantzsch (Management)
Heike Bernhardt
Sven Haase
Antje Knechtel