Interactive exhibit of the IOER

The Green City – more than just parks and gardens

How do we bring our cities into ecological balance?

Photo: R. Vigh/IÖR-Media
interactive exhibit with green cone in the exhibition room

A green cone forms the heart of an interactive exhibit at the IOER. Anyone who throws it off balance will soon understand that the "Green City" is much more than just green spaces such as parks and gardens.

"Green" here stands for ecologically sustainable urban development. Of course, parks, gardens or floodplains are important for the city of the future. For many people, these green spaces are what make a city attractive. And they are also indispensable for a good climate as well as for local flora and fauna. But "green", and indeed the ecologically sustainable city, can mean much, much more.

Good planning is everything

The Green City does not arise on its own. Environmentally conscious planning is of huge importance. This is the responsibility of politicians and local authorities. Urban development concepts, land use and development plans help them to create the city of the future. But it is also up to us to determine how "green" this development is. Everyone can contribute to making the city a little "greener", whether through more efficient shopping habits, changing the way you travel to work or school, choosing where to live or the size of your home.

There are many aspects that contribute to the Green City. The IOER deals with some of these in its research and presents them in its exhibit:

Materials within the building stock – What we use today should be reused tomorrow

Structural damage – prevention instead of expensive repairs

Saving space – infill development preserves the natural environment

Sustainable living – the more spacious our homes, the more we take from the environment

Biological diversity – verges and other green strips offer the greatest biodiversity in the city

Climate change – urban greenery produces cool air

Photo: R. Vigh/IÖR-Media
one hand presses down the green cone