Research Area:
Resourceefficiency of Settlement Structures

Real Estate and Capital Markets

Effects of changed supply structures on the housing market

The German real estate markets were - until the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 -  increasingly influenced by institutional investors, whose actions has been characterized by a strong global and capital market orientation.

With this background the Leibniz-Association fundes the interdisciplinary network "Real Estate and Capital Markets" initiated by the Leibniz-Institutes ZEW, IÖR e.V. and IRS.

The ReCapNet focuses on the interactions between real estate markets and capital markets. Researchers from different disciplines and with different methodological approaches jointly analyse the growing importance of international capital markets for real estate markets. The aim of the network is to assess the consequences for housing and commercial real estate markets, for the development perspectives of real estate markets and for the stability of real estate and capital markets. (Mission statement)

The research activities of the IOER are going to focus on the quantitative and qualitative development of residential housing stocks after changes of ownership. Thereby attention is given to volumes, strategies and especially the ecological quality of furbishment measures. Research areas are the locations of investments and the strategies of ownership based on capital market interests. Main objectives of the project part of the IOER are to gain new knowledge about the quantity and quality of furbishment measures in sold housing stocks in the context of the investment activities of financial investors and on its efforts on the urban residential housing market in the last 10 years in Germany.




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