Research Area:
Landscape Change and Management


Adaptive Management of Climate-induced Changes of Habitat Diversity in Protected Areas


Biodiversity is threatened by habitat degradation and destruction. Beside human activities climate change most likely will become an additional important driver influencing habitats and their quality in the next decades. The identification of foreseeable consequences as well as the development of suitable instruments and measures to prevent effects on protected areas and for adaptation are the crucial questions and main objectives of this project.

The IOER is leading this transnational project cooperating with 16 participating project partners like protected area administrations, nature protection administrations and research institutions from Central and Eastern Europe.

Within the project the prospective consequences of climate change and land use change in protected areas are determined and suitable adaptation and management strategies are demonstrated. Especially water-based ecosystems such as wetlands and rivers but also the composition of forested areas and alpine grasslands will be affected. These vulnerable types of habitats are under investigation in preference. The project's overall objective is to evaluate, enhance and adapt existing management and conservation strategies in protected sites to pro-actively respond on likely influences of climate change as a threat to habitat integrity and diversity. Furthermore, a monitoring concept is being developed to detect changes caused either by human activity or climate change effects. This will be a very valuable information and tool especially for the administrations of nature protected areas.

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INTERREG IV B Central Europe Programme