Research Area:
Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Material Flow Analysis of Building Stock Development in Germany and Efficiency Strategies 2060

Focus on Mineral Aggregates

The construction industry uses large masses of material. Mineral building materials predominate. Recycling is considered a promising strategy for conserving resources. But, too little attention is devoted to conflicts between resource protection, climate protection, and soil conservation. As a result, the quantitative potential for resource conservation through recycling in building and civil engineering is overestimated owing above all to qualitative miscalculation of the concomitant environmental impacts. The project therefore aims to analyse mineral material flows in future construction development (building and civil engineering), to estimate the technical potential for conserving natural raw materials through recycling, to assess the potential for environmental relief, and, in sum, to critically review dematerialisation strategies for mineral resource utilisation in settlement development. Analysis is based on building stock development scenarios for types of region. Methodologically, MFA (material flow analysis), IOA (input-output analysis), and LCA (life cycle analysis) are used. EIA methods are employed to estimate effects on land.


2011 - 2013


Dr.-Ing. Georg Schiller
Phone: 49 (0)351 46 79 259