Structural change in Lusatia: process of thematic workshops in Brandenburg analysed

The policy brief explains the workshop process as a whole and takes a detailed look at the work of the five thematic workshops. In particular the founding phase and the first working sessions of the various workshops were examined in more detail. The researchers participated in the meetings of the workshop groups as observers, analysed the minutes of the meetings and spoke with participants about individual aspects of the process. In this way, a detailed picture of the workshop process and the work of the individual thematic workshops emerged. The project team has now summarised the results of the analysis in the policy brief “Strukturwandel im Werkstattmodus – Analysen zum Arbeitsverfahren der brandenburgischen Werkstätten der Wirtschaftsregion Lausitz” (published in German).

Heer, Sebastian
"Strukturwandel im Werkstattmodus. Analysen zum Arbeitsverfahren der brandenburgischen Werkstätten der Wirtschaftsregion Lausitz"
IZS Policy Briefs No. 7


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Prof. Dr. Robert Knippschild,
Dr. Sebastian Heer,

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In the project "Scientific support of the transformation process in Lusatia Region", the IOER, represented by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Transformative Urban Regeneration (IZS) in Görlitz, is investigating the challenges and potentials of transformation process for the future of the region. In the process, proposals for the organisation of a successful transformation are being developed on a scientific basis. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) until September 2022.

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