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The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development is an establishment of the Leibniz Association for research in the spatial sciences. Our concern is the scientific basis for the sustainable development of cities and regions in the national and international context. Our research addresses ecological issues of sustainable development.

We investigate interactions between the natural environment and society and the options available for influencing them. On the basis of our findings we advise government and society. Our endeavour is to contribute through innovative research and advice to the compatibility of human action and the development of the natural environment in order to ensure the sustainable basis of life. We place great value on promoting the younger generation of scientists.


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upcoming Events

2. Dezember 2015
Dresden planner's forum

- in English language -
Title: Managing Forests for Change in an Uncertain Future
Referent: Herr Robert M. Scheller, PhD, Associate Professor, Portland State University
Date: 5 pm until 7 pm
Venue: IOER-Meeting hall


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